Jon Persson began a while back as one of Seattle's most versatile musicians, specializing in three different instruments.  He then began traveling all over North America and Europe, and eventually traversing the High Seas.

A Variety of Venues: 

CRUISE SHIPS:  He has appeared aboard nearly 40 ships, on a dozen top-tier cruise lines, traveling to over 100 countries.  Whether as a cabaret performer or a classical artist, as soloist or in ensembles, he has entertained North American, British, Argentinian, Brazilian, Japanese, and Chinese audiences, just to name a few. 

THEME PARKS:  Jon Persson was a featured performer for 4 years at Walt Disney World / EPCOT.  He also appeared with classically trained opera singers performing at Universal Studios Portofino Italian Hotel / Mama Della's Ristorante, and playing solo accordion at the the Italian-themed restaurant at Disney Springs, Maria & Enzo's Ristorante.

EVENTS:  Family-friendly, age-appropriate entertainment can be difficult to find nowadays, as most entertainment is aimed exclusively for audiences 15-40 years old.  Jon Persson has given a lot of consideration into providing suitable entertainment for audiences of all ages.  In doing so, he divides his time between being a soloist, and in appearing in a variety of different ensembles.  The groups often feature virtuoso classical musicians and opera singers; Broadway vocalists; Russian, Gypsy, Scandinavian, or other international folkloric music/dance ensembles, providing musical entertainment for many types of events. such as:  community concerts, classical concerts, seniors' programs, festivals, wine tastings, art galleries, wedding receptions, funerals, birthday & anniversary celebrations, conventions, 5-star hotels, restaurant fine-diningand more.

One Man, Three Instruments: 

  • PIANO 
    • no explanation needed, is there?
  • TWO different types of ACCORDION 
    • (a) one with a piano keyboard, known as the "piano-accordion", and
    • (b) the other with a European button-system keyboard, known as the "chromatic system accordion".  The Russian version of this is called the "bayan".  Playing all of them equally well, he is able to incorporate each or all of them into any situation, suitable for that special occasion, with styles ranging from jazz to classical to international ethnic genres. 


Cruise Ships

Theme Parks

Musical Theatre

  • "The January Book" by Scott WarrenderIssaquah Village Theatre, Seattle, Washington
  • "The Polish Diva From Milwaukee" by Terry Palasz - Crepe de Paris Cabaret, Seattle, Washington
  • "The Three-Penny Opera" by Kurt Weill and Bertholt Brecht - The Skid Road Show, Seattle, Washington
  • "Irma LaDouce" by Billy Wilder (Marguerite Monnot and Alexandre Breffort) - Driftwood Theatre, Seattle, Washington

Concert Tours